Tan Through Suit

Looking for the hottest men's swimwear designs? Click on my favorite spandex sites to see amazing suits and more. Finding a tan through suit might be a thing of the past with these wild and extreme micro swimsuit designs. All of the site listed to the left are places I shop and I love the way they show their products on real models. Like they say a picture is worth a thousand words.

Tan Through Suit featuring the hottest men's swimwear designs for getting a great tan!

The selection of swimsuits available for men these days has grown exponentially. There are so many bikinis, thongs, G-strings and other designs that used be considered extreme are now mainstream. In days past if you wanted a great all over body tan you would need to tan in your back yard nude, find a nude beach (good luck!) or wear a less than stylish bikini or brief tan through suit. It is completely different now that you can find hot swimwear designs that are every bit as small as what the girls are wearing and every bit as sexy. The newest designs for men cover so little there is no longer a need for a tan through suit because you can wear a stylish swimsuit that barely covers a thing and allows a great all over tan with just the littlest tan line. More men than ever are wearing hot little thongs and tiny Brazilian bikinis to the beach, on vacation and even to the wild pool parties in Palm Springs and Las Vegas! Men are starting to get it and not be so prudish when it comes to selecting swimwear. Show some skin is now a big selling point in the newest men's swimwear fashion, a trend that is getting bigger every season.

Tan through suit are available as bikinis. There are just a few different bikini cuts make with tan through fabric, most are about the size of Speedos and not all that exciting to be seen in. At Koala we are all about being seen and making a statement. Feel free to visit us at Koala men's swimwear and be ready to blush!


Tan through swimsuits are available as thongs. As far as I know there are one or two tan through suit styles available as thongs. At Koala we offer some many different thong styles and cuts everything from ultra pouch designs to the smallest most micro ultra micro thongs.



Tan through suit in the USA are for the most part available through one company, they have a very limited amount of designs for men and the design styles rarely change. If you are into having an all body tan you are most likely into style and fashion. Koala Men's swimwear offers styles from Michael David one of the worlds foremost  designers of fashion men’s swimwear and fetish wear.


Tan through suit pouch only suits. Again if you want a pouch only designs they are not available with tan through fabric but do you care. The pouch only suits cover nothing but your tool. They are considered the smallest swimwear in the world and Koala is the originator of many of the most extreme pouch designs. They are in fact the ultimate tan wear.